Local Transport

Local transfers to/from the Conference Hotels from/to the City

The easiest and the cheapest way to get to/from the City from/to the hotels is by taxis (or) auto rickshaws.

Hotel front desks will normally be able to arrange reliable transport by taxi, but they will require 15-30 minutes’ notice in order to do so. Taxis are willing to wait for you during your intermediate stops at reduced charges. It is simplest to inform the front desk the places you wish to visit, the total time you wish to spend and the number of persons travelling. They would then be able to book the taxi for you at a fixed rate.

Auto Rickshaws
Three-wheeled auto rickshaws (also known as "Autos") are a convenient way to travel within the city. They cost half the fare of a taxi, but are more expensive than buses. Usually autos are metered, but it is good to fix the fare before they take you for a ride. They can be found clustered together in auto stands around the city. If there is no auto-stand near you, you can hail autos by standing on the side of the road and hailing an empty one.

Airport transfer to/from the Conference Hotels

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is located about 30 km south of downtown Hyderabad. Bus transport between Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and various parts of the city is serviced by Pushpak - Airport Liner and run by the APSRTC. Pushpak - Airport Liner service covers all corners of the city with convenient locations for pick-up and drop-off with round the clock frequency (Every half hour). This service costs INR 200 for a one way pick-up/drop-off. Taxis are also available aplenty, but these are more expensive (INR 1500 for a one way pick-up/drop-off).